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Create customer-action goals for measurement

You should use social media to encourage potential customers to take actions that will eventually convert them into customers. These conversion actions might be as simple as registering for your newsletter, watching a video referral about a product or service, downloading a brochure, buy instagram followers or (obviously best of all) actually making a purchase. These actions are the returns on your investment because they engage potential customers and motivate them to become buyers.

Social Media Engagement

Assign a monetary value to each conversion action.

If your marketing people have historical data related to the lifetime value of each customer, then use this as a starting point. If not, use a good-faith estimate for the value of each new customer (i.e., how much you might pay for a new customer). Once you have a value assigned for a new customer, you can use can i buy instagram followers this as the basis for measuring the value of conversion actions. To use a hypothetical example, let's say that the lifetime value of a new customer is $200 and that five percent of people who view a product video become new customers. Going off of that info, you can safely assign a $10 value to each viewing of said video, so a single tweet that gets you sixty views of the product video has generated $600 in value. The return on investment would then be $600 minus the costs related to the tweet (the labor time and some assigned value for the cost of the video, which will of course be used over a long period of time).

irst, Master A Few Social Channels.

Research conducted by InSites Consulting shows the average person actively interacts with no more than five brands on social media. By becoming a “human extension” of your company, you can increase the reach of your company’s content through your social brand even if someone is not following your company. Do not try to boil the social media ocean. And, do not focus on only one social media channel. It’s a big place. First master LinkedIn, Twitter, and buy real followers on instagram and then move on to other channels. Twitter and LinkedIn are two relatively open platforms that will let you listen, engage and reach others who are not following you. Hootsuite is a client application that will help you manage your listening and messaging.